International peace education training in Baku

Objectives of the Activity

Participants in our international train-the-trainer sessions in Baku, Azerbaijan, learned about the principles and procedures of non-formal education, peace education, and youth involvement. The project sessions encouraged youth participation with the aim of promoting a culture of remembrance. Young people participated in sessions where they learned about key peace education models and used various tools, such as Lifeline, Power of quotation, Envelope , and Forum Theatres, to better understand it. This was done to enable them to become actively involved in influencing the society they live in and defending peace and human rights. The purpose of this project was to educate young people about the value of promoting peace in their societies and to teach them how to get involved in peace education. Young people gained a better understanding of useful tools for their goal of peace education by participating in this training session. Developing these tools and methodologies was crucial since this enabled young people to formalize a practical overview of follow-up activities.

Description of the activity

Throughout the course of the program, the idea of conflict and peace was examined, important peace education models were discovered, and various tools like Lifeline, Power of quotation, Envelope, and Forum Theatres were used. Participants in the Lifeline session shared their memories of conflicting situations and the peaceful resolutions they found. Participants walked through an exhibit of quotes about peace while practicing the power of quotation, after which they wrote their own quotes. This in some way demonstrated their analytical skills and indicated how reasonable they are. Following that, the sessions continued with the systematic design and planning of follow-up activities. Participants presented their anticipated follow-up activities on the final day using the methodologies they had learned.

Number of participants reached/ involved

No. of participants in total: 9

No. of young people, who participated: 9

Quote of an involved young person

„Peace is a fundamental value when you are safe and protected but peace without freedom is nothing because a nation is alive when it has freedom.“

„Do not only care about your own peace. Every heart should know what peace feels like.“ 

Quote of an involved staff member

„When there is peace there is harmony and it is the only way to go forward to your goals in this life.“

„Peace ends when the war starts. For this reason we as humanity should never allow peace to end.“