Peace Education Training in Azerbaijan

Project activity “Meet up for Peace”

Baku, Azerbaijan, 13-17 February, 2023

Objectives of the Activity

Please describe, why did you do it: What did you want to achieve? What was your plan? Please describe this in connection of the aims and objectives of the “Remember to act” project

Our goal in holding training sessions for young people was to put what we had learned in earlier sessions into practice, share what we acquired, and raise awareness of peace among young people. Our target audience was college students because young people learn peace education much better and enthusiastically. They learned the fundamentals of peace, the traits required to be more peaceful, and the best times to employ various conflict resolution techniques, such as cooperation, competition, avoidance, and accommodating. Since one of the key objectives of the „Remember to Act: Understand – Learn – Act“ project was to inform people how to work for peace, we also concentrated on this topic during our follow-up activities.

Description of the activity

Please describe shortly, what you have done concretely and how you have implemented this activity:

First, the trainer welcomed everyone and went over the project’s goals, donors, and the significance of holding sessions on understanding and peace. Then, through energizer, trainers concentrated on helping participants get to know one another so they could talk freely and discuss various subjects during sessions. The trainer wanted to demonstrate the importance of peace for the population and harmony between people in their daily lives, among other things, by showing photographs that depict various cases among nations before and after the war. The trainer then went over some key terms related to peace education and got the group ready for the game session. Participants in the game session applied and completed the „Win as much as you can“ game by dividing into 4 groups. Participants were given an explanation of the game’s central concept at the conclusion. After that, the exercise is introduced by the trainer, who divides the group into pairs and instructs them to face one another while a long tape line is drawn on the ground.  The trainer gives each pair five minutes to move their partner to the other side. After 5 minutes, the participants‘ opinions, goals for the session, and successes and failures were listed. College students were then given an explanation of the TKI Model. The audience received the links with available opportunities to learn more about peace and take part in international events at the conclusion.

Number of participants reached/ involved

No. of participants in total: 30
No. of young people, who participated: 30

Quote of an involved young person

To achieve peace, we must compromise and cooperate.

Quote of an involved staff member

When there is peace there is harmony and it is the only way to go forward to your goals in this life.

Photos and Videos of the activity

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