Peace Education Training in Germany

Project activity “Meet up for Peace”

Passau, Germany, 2023

Objective of the activity

Please describe why you did the activity: What did you want to accomplish? What was your plan? Please describe in the context of the goals of the Remember to Act project.

Our goal in conducting training sessions for young people was to put into practice what we had learned in previous sessions, to share what we had learned, and to raise awareness about peace among young people. Our target group was young people aged 11 to 14. Together we worked on the basics of peace and conflict and what they mean for individual students. Since we noticed in the first lessons that there were already basic problems in communication and behavior towards each other in the class, we adapted our subsequent workshops to these needs. We worked more in smaller groups to strengthen cooperation and openness among each other and to take them out of their entrenched role models. In addition, we increasingly addressed how their behaviors and especially their language hurt others around them without them realizing it because it has already become normality for them. Thus, through the interactive activities, we stimulated reflection and questioned their own actions. We have thus adapted our concept to fit the project „Remember to Act: Understand – Learn – Act“.

Activity description

Please briefly describe what you specifically did and how you did this activity:

First, the team welcomed the students to the class and within group work we started with the introduction to the topic. First, the participants were asked to share their own definition of peace and conflict within different levels of our society, how they perceive it and what it means to them personally, before we collected and discussed them together on the board. Since they had to work together in smaller groups first, it was easier for them to open up and also to question. Then we went through the collected meanings and transformed them so that they were not only interpreted negatively. The following lesson, in which we were signaled how strongly difficult role models and behaviors are anchored, we redesigned according to the needs of the participants. We took a good and an evil monster as representatives for their behaviors, role models and manners, with whom we discussed and reflected on the questions that arose together. The exercises we went through were in small groups and the focus was on the behavioral patterns as well as how to deal with each other. At the end of the workshop, the last session consisted almost entirely of interactive methods that contributed to class cohesion, language, concentration and soft skills development, which were then reflected on together with the class. Our goal was especially to strengthen the „peace“ in the class community and that they realize what impact their behavior has on others and even themselves.

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In this picture you can see how we do interactive exercises together with the school class to strengthen the communication among each other as well as the team spirit.

On this picture you can see how the behavior and the appearance of the students change in the form of a good monster and an evil monster. We then went through the points together and were able to make them deal with them, realize them and take active action.

This picture shows how the students work together in small groups on topics and try them out among themselves and with each other.