Suitcase of my life in Georgia 

Objective of the activity

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To raise awareness about Peace among 20 youth from Bolnisi, Georgia and engage them in the peacemaking process by introducing fundamental values, skills and competencies of a peacemaker.

 Activity description

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Within the framework of the long-term project: „Remember to Act: Understand, Learn, Act“, 1st of April, peace education training: „Meet Up for Peace“ was held for 14-17-year-old youth from Bolnisi, one of the most multicultural municipality in Georgia. The training, which was held at the same period of time in three countries (GE, AZ, DE), aims to raise awareness among young people about the concept of peace maker by introducing fundamental values, skills and competencies of a peacemaker. Training combined several aspects and set of objectives: – To transmit a deep understanding of peace and give an opportunity to rethink the concept of peace according to the realities of target group – To transfer the core values of peacemaker to the target group -To introduce the key competencies and skills required for peacemaker -To share the opportunities that the target group can benefit from to develop as a peacemaker. The training was led by the trainer of our organization Irina Mikava. • The meeting was held within the framework of the 18-month project „Remember to act-Understand, Learn, Act“. main topics: culture of remembrance, to raise awareness among young people about the importance of involvement in peace and democratic processes; Promoting SDG 4 & 16 Goals. 🇬🇪🇩🇪🇪🇺 The project is funded under the grant program “MEET UP! Youth for Partnership” by the Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ) Foundation and the Federal Foreign Office. #MEETUPforPartnership #YOUTHforPartnership #remembertoact #MeetUp2023 #WeCreateOpportunities #evzfoundation .


Number of participants reached/ involved

No. of participants in total: 20

No. of young people, who participated: 20



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