Suitcase of my life in Georgia 

Objectives of the Activity

The “Suitcase of life” activity aims to create an environment in which different people can talk openly about their lives. The participants who share their stories belong to different social groups that don’t have much contact with each other under normal circumstances, e.g. different generations, ethnic or

religious groups, geographical location. Using art, creativity and storytelling, a common sphere is created, where they can meet, exchange and learn from another as well as create something together.

Through this activity we stimulated and facilitated inter-generational and intercultural relationships,  which are emotionally rewarding for everyone. We hope that the partners rediscovered the joy of

learning together and learning from one another about how to stay healthy and safe, cope with  stress and uncertainty, share stories of resiliency, counter prejudices and group-focused hatred, strengthen their bonds and acquire new knowledge and skills – and enjoyed each other’s company.

 Description of the activity

Suitcase of my life method. As we have already identified the topic, the tandems there people who are IDP’s, have faced conflicts, experienced war. Explained them method, how to prepare and plan activity step by step, practiced conversation guideline, introduced key elements of storytelling. Participants made practical creativity workshops and simulation of storytelling too, which was directly linked to the activity objectives and topics of remembrance culture and youth participation, on the personal example of the speakers, they all come from temporary occupied territory of Abkhazia, Georgia.

Symbolically, event was held February 25, to mark 102 years from Soviet Occupation, entry of Soviet Red Army to Georgia, we organized very interesting event with youth and people from Abkhazia, Georgia, we all got to know each other better, Suitcase of my life speakers shared their unique, inspiring stories with us.. They shared the hard years of leaving as IDP in Georgia, Russian occupation, at the same time we heard amazing, motivating stories of success, resilience, bravery. , which could not leave anyone indifferent, filled us with great emotions. Our speakers titled their stories accordingly: „From nothing to everything“, „Give yourself a chance“, „The main thing is constant action and faith in daily work“, „From participation to becoming a peace education trainer“ „Road from Sokhumi to support Ukrainian refugees in Georgia!“ Also, the second part of the project was held in Bolnisi, where the speakers shared their stories with the following titles, „From Zero to Everything“, „Fight against the Russian occupation and be free“, „The road from Armenia to helping the Abkhazians!“ #at home in Abkhazia“ Both meetings turned out to be very emotional and inspiring, in the first part of which the speakers „remembered the most important events of their lives and filled symbolic suitcases with the corresponding handmade items“, after which they shared this story with the rest of the participants. Thank you to the participants and speakers of our meeting, which we held symbolically on the 102nd anniversary of the Soviet occupation. Attendees listened the story of the tandems, speakers how war influenced them during the teenage or adult age and what inspired them to work for civil society, public services, or at schools. One of key motivation for them was promoting contributing building more peaceful, resilient society, country, promotion European values, democracy and working on youth empowerment with fellow team members. 

Quote of an involved young person

„The road to peace is long and winding, but it starts with a single step. Let us take that step together and create a better world for all.“, Giorgi Inalishvili, Sokhumi, Abkhazia, Georgia. 

Quote of an involved staff member

„The greatest weapon against violence is education, the greatest weapon against ignorance is dialogue, and the greatest weapon against fear is compassion.“, Giorgi Agirbaia, ProActive Group Georgia