By Keti Menagharishvili, young volunteer from Giorgia

Each person is interested in your story, the way of telling the story and the narration using digital technologies. The mentioned project represents a good opportunity for closeness between cultures, sharing and understanding, appreciation of different cultures. Projects that foster cultural exchange and understanding play a crucial role in promoting harmony, appreciation, and empathy among different cultures. Digital globalization has created a way to share our culture, lifestyle, characteristics, values, and values ​​on a large scale, regardless of socio-economic and cultural differences.

Step One: What do we need to do before we share?

Before you decide to prepare a video and then share it on social networks, you should think about what you want to say to your audience. Who is your audience, what topics are you going to share and in what form.  It is very important to have a preliminary plan, an outline, bearing in mind all of the above, and you should also understand that it should be easily understood by everyone, what you want to show only about your daily routine, or about the socio-economic or cultural features that you have and that you and your country have. When I joined the project I knew it was a responsibility that required me to understand, prepare, accept, respect, participate and share.

Step Two: What do I want to share with you?

The night before, I usually took a notebook and a pen, wrote down all the plans that I had to do the next day. Ever since I was a child, I liked making vlogs and blogs, taking videos and photos, but I never dared to share it with a wide audience. I took it for myself, but I didn’t share it, often stereotypes and attitudes do not allow us to share courage, emotions. I accepted the challenge, knowledge of English was not a barrier, I was more afraid of how good the video would turn out. The next day I boarded the bus as my morning routine, went to school, on the way I took some interesting shots as usual. Tbilisi, as an ancient, historical city, where people of different ethnic groups live, keeps different details, cultural, ethnic, religious, socio-economic features. I didn’t want to eliminate any category of people from the video, I wanted to reflect all the narrowness that I encounter in the streets of Tbilisi in the video, naturally. Accordingly, the shots were natural, organic and realistic. In the school, we have a very active agenda, apart from the class time, we have free clubs and student self-government, where young people try to create changes.

Sharing as a connection, results and future perspectives

When we create something, we try to show in it our character, moods and emotional connection with the environment as a creator, co-participant of this process. Through this activity, I saw, perceived and shared more the small elements that are part of my day. In addition, we can formulate the results in the following way:

  • Cultural Closeness and Exchange: Bridging Differences: Projects facilitating cultural exchange create bridges between diverse communities, fostering understanding and empathy.
  • Shared Experiences: Engaging in shared activities or dialogues allows for a deeper app
  • Mutual Appreciation: Exposure to different cultures encourages appreciation for the uniqueness and diversity of each heritage.
  • Learning from Diversity: Interacting with varied cultures provides opportunities to learn new traditions, values, and ways of life.
  • Cultural Empathy: Encounters through such projects nurture empathy and respect, breaking down stereotypes and fostering tolerance.
  • Strengthening Bonds: Shared experiences build lasting relationships, fostering a sense of global unity amidst cultural diversity.
  • Conflict Resolution: Cultural understanding forms a foundation for peaceful coexistence, aiding in conflict resolution and prevention.
  • Collaboration: Collaborative projects encourage cooperation and solidarity among diverse cultural groups, promoting mutual progress
  • Cultural Diversity: Embracing diversity and inclusivity, celebrating the mosaic of cultures within Georgia while promoting unity.
  • Respectful Discourse: Encouraging respectful dialogues that bridge generational gaps, honoring differing perspectives grounded in historical context
  • Ethical Tech Integration: Embracing technological advancements aligned with ethical and cultural values, avoiding the erosion of traditions.