By Sadagat, young volunteer from Azerbaijan

As a young individual I participated in long-term multi stage project: “Remember to Act: Understand, Learn, Act” which is funded under the grant program “MEET UP! Youth for Partnership” by the Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ) Foundation and the Federal Foreign Office in Tbilisi, Georgia. The meeting brought together project beneficiaries, like-minded young leaders from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Germany and partner organizations. This outstanding event was a wonderful possibility to explore more about peacebuilding, culture of remembrance and to improve networking skills. During training I had the opportunity to develop leadership, communication and problem-solving abilities that would help in the effective implementation of projects. Moreover, the project assisted to understand deeply brutality of military conflicts, to raise awareness importance of peace and democracy. Actually, I have to admit that activity of facilitators did not limit to being auxiliary for each participants, but also creativity was a major line of their plan. They organized various practical discussions and interactive activities instead of theoretical presentations. From my point of view this method played an important role in figuring out how to write productive peacebuilding initiatives that would lead to promote youth participation in peacemaking or democratic process. In addition, I gained a chance to explore Georgian culture, national cuisine, particularly khinkali, khachapuri and Georgian wine with pleasure. Frankly speaking, I was not keen on leaving Tbilisi which had become one of the most historical cities I have ever seen in my life. To sum up, I would like to appreciate my Tbilisi trip as unforgettable days of my youth.