My trip to Georgia, hosted by ProActive Group Georgia and funded by EVZ foundation, was my first international trip throughout my engagement in youth field. I was quite excited to go to Georgia, as I had visited it when I was a child. I arrived at night and went straight to the hotel located near the centre of the city. On the next day, I met the organisers and fellows from Georgia and Germany, including my teammates.

 As the trainings started, a good deal of useful information was shared with us on elaboration of steps of the project, how we can effectively complete our tasks, what tools we can use to realise the project. We had several group tasks during the two days in Georgia, in order to finalise our blueprint and clearly delineate the process. I have made good contacts with both German and Georgian colleagues, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. Both Giorgi Agirbaia (ProActive Group Georgia) and Perdita Wingerter (Gemeinsam leben & lernen in Europa e.V) proved to be not only welcoming hosts but also valuable sources of guidance throughout the project. It was fascinating to learn about their experience and get advice from them. We did a lot of fruitful work during those two days. 

Georgia undoubtedly was a very hospitable and welcoming country. Beyond the professional work, organisers took us out to restaurants, people on the streets were very friendly. It was great to meet people like Irina Mikava, Giorgi Agirbaia, Giorgi Meskhia, Sophi Kortiashvili, Elene Zhgenti, Perdita Wingerter, Brigitte Neumann, Sascha Klughardt, Franka Becker, Johanna and others. We had the chance to get to know each other and stay in contact after the event. Special thanks to Ramin Habibzada, Ramila El-oghlu – Azerbaijani organisers from NAYORA for presenting this opportunity and making all necessary arrangements for the trip. 

In conclusion, this journey to Georgia transcended professional development; it was a cultural exchange that fostered lasting connections and left me with a deep appreciation for the power of collaboration in the youth field. I look forward to building on these experiences and staying connected with the wonderful individuals I had the privilege of meeting.