by Sophi Kortiashvili, Project Assistant, Team member of ProActive Group Georgia


Hello, I am Sophi from Georgia. Recently I have participated in the Peace Education wonderful trainings hosted by NAYORA Team in Baku, Azerbaijan within long-term “Remember to Act” project. training brought together participants from Germany, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. The program focused on peace education and its importance in today’s interconnected world. Here, I am so glad to share the highlights, the key takeaways from the training, emphasizing the diverse applications of peace education in different contexts.

Understanding Peace Education:

During the training, I have developed a strong grasp of peace education’s societal influence. It equips individuals with conflict resolution skills, nonviolent communication, and a commitment to fairness. Through interactive sessions and discussions, trainers explored the various facets of peace education and its potential for positive transformation.

Peacekeeper, Peacemaker, and Peacebuilder:

We got familiar and learned about three distinct roles in peace work: peacekeepers, peacemakers, and peacebuilders. Peacekeepers maintain peace, peacemakers resolve conflicts, and peacebuilders address root causes for lasting peace. This understanding helps trainers adapt their methods for specific peace education goals.

 Implementation Methods:

The training program equipped us with tools and resources to implement peace education in various settings. We learned how to create peaceful environments through workshops and interactive sessions, promoting values like trust, empathy, and cooperation. This will enable us to encourage peaceful behaviors, resolve conflicts peacefully, and foster inclusivity.

Sharing Experiences and Perspectives:

During the sessions we have shared diverse experiences and perspectives on peace, deepening understanding of regional challenges and opportunities. Everyone were motivated to apply these insights to their own peace education initiatives, fostering unity and a commitment to a peaceful future.


The training program hosted and organized by NAYORA Team empowered us, as future educators, trainers to promote peace and understanding of it in our communities. Participants from Germany, Georgia, and Azerbaijan learned about peace education and the roles of peacekeepers, peacemakers, and peacebuilders. By fostering trust, empathy, and cooperation, we will create lasting change and contribute to building a harmonious society. We hope, gained new knowledge, skills and our strong motivation, efforts will bridge different parts of people and groups, resolve conflicts, and create a more peaceful and inclusive world.