By Elene Zghenti, 17, Ideathon Participant from Bolnisi, Georgia

After we won the project in the online Ideathon, we met again in Tbilisi, where we started thinking about the possibilities of developing our idea. We, the youth, have the ability, motivation, and desire to change reality and be one of the main actors in peace processes. Generally, Ideathon for young people is a platform that empowers and enlightens us, enabling collaboration and innovation in pursuit of global change starting from local initiatives. As youth, we are encouraged to seek creative solutions and foster dialogue to distinguish between conflict and peace, we believe will have become   proactive participants rather than reactive ones on this way. The online Ideathon served as a precursor to our subsequent meeting in Tbilisi, where our team’s project, ‚Remember the Past – Change the Future,‘ emerged as one of the winners

Ideathon: a multi-stage event of innovation and culture in Tbilisi

On August 26-28, the representatives of the three countries gathered in Tbilisi, where once again we had to discuss the common problems of the three countries, the challenges, needs, and desires of young people, or we had to determine where we are, why, how we are and how we want to be. We worked with experienced facilitators, a team that had to create the best product in the form of an idea that was focused on long-term change. We defined the focus group, the problem, created interesting illustrations. In particular, team building training was thought-provoking and necessary, as teamwork is a functional skill that affects the overall outcome. On the other hand, very necessary and valuable training on writing and implementing a project, we often confuse the goal, the task, and the main goal is not SMART. However, it must be said that similar projects, meetings with theoretical-practical knowledge bring English language practice, new friends, connections for future cooperation. Projects are especially valuable when we get positive emotions, a well-organized agenda, pleasant and comfortable people, where we are not afraid of mistakes, because we are one team. In a multicultural environment, we better appreciate the importance of tolerance, equality, assertiveness along with other democratic values.

Remember the Past – Change the Future!

,,Remember the past – Change the future!” is a innovation which will help young people to connect future to their history because the future depends on learning from our past. The inspiration of the project is the culture of remembering the past, preserving and strengthening it, because even today we believe that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

5W: -The new voice in the digital era

The idea of ​​a second team, our friends, trying to create a new platform for change was very interesting.Their project involves the creation of an interactive digital platform and a physical installation. The said digital platform will serve individuals to contribute and explore artifacts, cultures, stories and memories from their countries. On the other hand, the physical installation complements the digital platform and provides a tangible experience for visitors to view cultural exhibits. Personal workshops, which will be organized in the future in the partner countries of the project, will promote intercultural exchange and peace building among young people. They use different social platforms to make their voices heard on different levels.

Remember to Act: –What will be the next step?

I believe that young people are involved in democratic processes. Their resources are limitless, because we want to promote activity, proactive cooperation in the desired country, as well as on a global level. Stereotypes, fakes and misconceptions should not become a barrier to peaceful coexistence. We must remember the past so as not to repeat the same mistakes and be on the progressive path. to be an inspiration to future generations.